You Look Better With Short Hair

Clearly, as you can see – it’s been ages, really ages since Johny’s last haircut.  That mop of jet back, healthy curly hair is just aching for the clippers.  Johnny specifically requested Barber Zach, his favorite  to do the deed.   His hair is so luxurious and think, it can’t even be combed out.  Barber Zach knows his way around a man’s head of hair, and knows exactly what to do to dispense of it.  An incredible transformation takes place in this movie, as Johnny’s look is completely turned around for a classic and rugged masculine look.   His hair is taken down with the Osters and then cleaned up nice and short around the sides for a subtle, yet sexy look.   “The feel of his hair was amazing…” Barber Zach said, as he got to play with it before, during, and after the cut.  Close ups of the clippers doing their job, as well as wide shots to take in the entire scene provides many opportunities for a visual feast for the eyes.  Barber Zach as learned a thing or two as a private-cutter, and keeps a firm hand on Johnny’s head while he’s being buzzed down.  An exciting feature indeed!

File Size: 1.2 Gb

Running Time: 21 Minutes