The Joy of Haircut

This movie is about both the hair itself as well as cut.  A fresh new face to haircut cinema, they have a lovely head of brown hair.  Talking about the shared pleasure of the haircut experience (sound of clippers! fingers through the hair! intimacy! no control!) – This movie starts out with a vigorous washing in the shampoo sink.  Once they’re caped up and in the chair, the hair is combed, slicked, played with, pulled, styled all which ways.  Then out come some scissors for a bit of an all around hack-job.  Carving out a cute new look, out come the clippers and the haircut starts to take shape.  Making sure the shaggy parts on top get played with during the clipper cut.  The hair is buzzed twice, short – to the skin.  Then the shaving cream and lather come out, making the back and sides super smooth to the touch.  Last but not least, the hair is washed one more time, giving way to hair play and after care about the scene.   A movie for the connoisseur of fine haircutting cinema.

Full Run Time: 58 Minutes