For The Love of Hair

Another fine movie about a haircut that gets right to the point!  This amazing thick head of brown hair is under control by the barber.  His hair is washed one last time, for good measure – and to get it all slick and shiny for the camera.  After having it combed, tugged, pulled every which way, the haircut beings.  Things start off with some real hacking of the scissors!  Showing no care to comfort or approach, the hair just gets chopped left and right.  Then some clippers come out and the hair really starts to fall!  You’ll see massive pile ups of hair on the cape, on his shoulders, on the floor.  Things get shaved down super short and super tight by the end of the haircut.  A handsome, friendly guy with absolutely gorgeous hair.  This is a movie you’ll want in your collection to watch time after time.

Full Running Time: 25 Minutes