Haircut Cinema: A Users Guide

“…this is how I like to enjoy my day off” he says as he lights a tasty morning smoke, about to put his feet up and watch a favorite haircut movie.  Our handsome young star spends a day, smoking on the couch – daydreaming.  Getting lost in the moment of his favorite parts, he expresses his wish for the same to happen to him.  A tied up haircut, with a sexy barber, and watching the hair gather up on the floor!  With a little recreational assistance, he’s able to transport himself to a fantasy land of haircuts.  Haircut Cinema! A Users Guide!  An example of just one way to enjoy haircut movies!   He gets his hair buzzed down nice and short, leaving his partners “something to grab onto”.  If you’re a fan of the “Forced” series, and “I hear they fight dirty” and “how not to steal from punks” then you’ll like seeing this handsome specimen getting a really tight haircut.   Download it now, take the phone off the hook and enjoy this highly informative, instructional video!

Running Time: 16.5 Minutes last