Dad Made Me

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Finally dad and son can spend some quality time together, bonding over a baseball game.  Son’s been away at that fancy art school upstate, leaving Dad to wonder just what kind of influence it’s having.  Most fathers hope to hear of their sons athleticism or sexual prowess, but son’s taken to a ‘signature style’ that just doesn’t seem right to Dad.  Pressing his values, the son says he’s known on campus for his unique look and long hair.  Shaking his head, dad reminds the boy that all the men in the family- and that men everywhere have short hair, period!  He’s not given much choice in the matter, dad’s already made up his mind about his son’s hair. Dad fully turns his son around from his wild curly mop, to a neatly trimmed bowl-cut.  As dad says “..a proper haircut for a young man.”  You can start to wonder the reactions to his haircut at school, and all he can say is “ made me.” Running Time: 16 Min / 936 Mb

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