This Is So Humilating

Two good friends, who both obviously are quite handsome and  with great hair – are at home on a weekend, enjoying their favorite hockey teams.  A ballsy bet is made about not only who will win, but by how much.   They egg each other on, talk trash about their home towns and favorite teams.   Finally the game is over and it’s time to cash in on the wager.  Famous last words of “…if they lose, I’m shaving you” can show you how deep and loyal sports fans can go.  While most fans grow their hair out in support of their team during the playoffs, one loser is going to have to walk around bald – showing everyone in town who he bet against.   He sighs “…this is so humiliating..” and all his barber-friend can respond with is “…it’s supposed to be”    His friend takes his time, savoring and enjoying every stroke of the clippers, as the hair falls to the floor.

Full Running Time: 18 minutes
Price: 18.99