Movies About Haircuts,  a website for movies about hair cuts.  Hair cutting as a genre of cinema..    If you are into watching hair cuts, then the site offers videos with a variety of styles and variety of barbers.  Anything from a home hair cut in the kitchen, to a on-the-fly haircut in the park or garage – HairCutCinema has something for every taste in hair and hair cutting.  Each episode captures a specific dream or vision I want to express – and I hope you find them enjoyable.  I am happy to present these movies to you, the viewer – and you can watch with your own two eyes – where passion for cinema and hair cutting intersect.

NEWS 1/4/18:  As of today, I am making some changes to how downloads are handled.  Some folks have written in with legitimate concerns that passwords didn’t work or things were confusing.  Once again, I have moved  the movies over to a faster and more reliable service called Jumpseller – which should greatly increase reliability.  From now on out, purchasing and downloads will work the same nearly.  Once you buy a movie, you will get an email from Jumpseller with an authorized download link.  This should clear up some issues people have had.    Naturally, if anyone has any questions or issues – please get in touch with me ASAP and I’ll help you get your movies.  Thanks for everyone’s passion and continued support for these kinds of movies!    Due to the unique nature of Instant Downloads and for mutual protection from scammers, I am unable to offer a  Refund/Return policy. I will happily work with anyone to their satisfaction if  having technical difficulties.  My email is

–Dave / Hair Cut Cinema   Updated  16 January 2018

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