I Dream Of Haircut

Up late with the dog, watching haircut movies…  again.  It’s the last thing he does, this ginger with a head full of thick red hair, before turning in for the evening.  He must have been dreaming about haircuts, because when he wakes up in the middle of the night for a quick pee – he stumbles into a haircut scene of his own imagination!  With a clear plastic cape and his hands safely strapped at his sides, he’s given the full treatment from the barber.  Using nearly every known barbering technique – he eventually transforms him to having sort of a “punk rock high-n-tight”.  There’s clippers cutting, blunt scissor cutting, razor shaving, close ups and full scene shots, hair play galore…  This movie is through and through a “movie about haircuts”. Definitely set aside some time to watch this movie and savor it.

Full Running Time: 37 Min.

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