Curious In Cicero

Here we have another hookup facilitated by Clippr – the new haircut fetish hookup site.  Our handsome  starlet starts off by logging on to find a message from a local guy.  He anxiously replies, explaining how he’s new to this scene and kinda nervous about it.  Agreeing to meet in person for a friendly cup of coffee…  He can’t get it out of his mind how skeezy it seems to meet a total stranger for what might be a very interesting haircut. “All this…” he thinks.. “because of a haircut fetish…”

Once pulled inside the garage, he’s sat down into a folding chair and made to take several deep hits off a fresh bottle of poppers.  His head swims as this masked man gives him a bottle of liquor to drink.  Taking him further, deeper into what he’s set himself up for.    He’s then taken to his knees, cold water dumped on his head and given a serious lathering.  Being shampooed on his hands and knees with a collar around his neck.  Rinsed and dried, he is then tossed back into the chair – with just some simple green packing plastic, he is bound  at the chest and arms.  The clippers come out.  He does not get a trim.

Full Running Time: 25 minutes