Our Shitbag Roomate Needs A Haircut

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“Our Shitbag Roommate Needs A Haircut”

Not being able to find a job has created some tension in the house.  One interview after another, none leading to anything promising.  This otherwise, handsome young man attempts to find some sympathy and comfort from his roommates and girlfriend – but they’ve all ‘bout had it with carrying his slack.   It always comes down to good male grooming, which projects the image most employers are looking for.  Reluctance, nervousness and cheapness have all been excuses for not getting a proper hair cut.   His  extremely long haired room mate turns up the pressure, making a not-so-playful threat to show off the picture if he doesn’t shape up.  Backed into a corner, he  agrees to a haircut.  In these communal punk-houses, there is always at least one person willing to give a friend a much needed haircut in the living room.  Before he can even kvetch about it, he’s getting the best trash bag home hair cut his room mate can manage. Running Time: 13 Min / 740 Mb

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