Forced II


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Exploring what seems to be an empty house, a young punk is overtaken by an invisible force that is much stronger then he is. Unable to see his captor, but only to feel its cold hands and the cold blade of clippers, he’s dragged down to his knees. The clippers have a life and mind of their own, the cord snaking up around his body, making a loop around his neck – making it hard to breathe. He pleads and argues with forces that inform him that he’s to be shaved. He protests “I’m a punk, not a skinhead!” but the clippers don’t care about his identity politics. Just buzzing his hair all the way down. If you are squeamish about dark themes and unknown forces, simply tell yourself that it’s only a movie. However, if you are strong willed or skeptical, then tell yourself… that this is real. Running Time: 10 Min / 423Mb

File Size: 423 Mb

Running Time: 10 Min

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