Barber Zach’s Birthday Buzz

So to celebrate his birthday, Barber Zach wanted to give a cute boy a short haircut.  While relaxing out on the sunny deck, and then later in the sauna – he decides to call that haircut hotline he’s seen scrawled on the wall at a local bar.  The service promises a cute shaggy boy at your door in thirty minutes or less!  Barber Zach gets exactly what he wants (as usual) once the boy with black hair shows up.  Barber Zach gets him settled in a nice, tight trash bag – and thoroughly enjoys spending lots of time with the head of hair before him.   Everything gets wet, combed, pulled, played with – before Barber Zach decides what to do with the clippers.   It’s always a good idea to let Barber Zach take control of your hair.   A complete movie about a haircut, with a very stylish end result.  For fans of  jet black hair, clipper cuts, and of course… Barber Zach.


Running Time: 29 minutes