Haircut ’95

Remember the 90s? Dial up internet…. chat rooms.. bowl cuts? Well haircut cinema sure does. We take this average looking guy from the neighborhood. He’s sick of his long hair – says it gets in the way too much – and the shocker of the decade – hes a huge fan of haircut movies! In Haircut ’95 we will take you back to that glorious decade where everything started to change…. This guy has his long hair combed out all the way – then scissor cut, to chop off over a foot of length.. The master barber, who remembers the 90s bowl cuts with much fondness, then shapes his hair into several “period piece” haircuts. He starts with Haircut ’95, then upgrades him to Haircut ’98, before bringing him into the modern era with a more current 21st century look. Exciting feature – lots of hair gathering up and a huge radical transformation.   He looks awesome at the end of the movie! Hot styles with lots of hair…

Running Time: 31 minutes total