How Not To Steal From Punks

Haircut Cinema is proud to present a new and exciting feature!  A good looking, but total low life punk breaks into a house in the neighborhood.  He’s broke and looking for anything he can steal to make a few bucks.   He finds a  quite an extensive record collection, and knows rare punk 45s can fetch some pretty serious cash down at the record shop.  Feeling confidant that he’s stolen enough, he decides to “see what this asshole has to eat..” and helps himself to the fridge.

Bad timing is  everything, but who’s to come home from a shitty ten hour shift on his bike, but an extremely handsome yet extremely tired and scappy young punk named Ryan Riot – who, in his own words “…just wants to listen to records and get a little fucked up…”   But right as he’s about to take that first after-work bong rip, he hears something, or someone – in the kitchen.

Caught red handed, with food and records tucked away – the pace and tone of this movie quickly changes.  Punks shouldn’t be stealing from other punks, and punk’s don’t call the cops to handle their personal affairs.  This night just got interesting, and it’s time to have some fun with a thief caught in the act.    As he says, while taking back his records “…I’ve got something in store for you..”

Our handsome thief has no choice but to go along with whatever is about to happen to him… Like it or not.  Shaved all the way down.

Running Time: 22 Minutes  / 1.3 Gb