Wow Thats Short

This is the number one, record breaking LONGEST hair that’s ever been cut in the Haircut Cinema Series!  This handsome young man has been growing his hair out for over five years, and is finally ready to let it go!  He puts his head and hair into the talented hands of a local barber, who has been waiting quite a long time for this kind of cut.  His hair, when wet goes all the way down his back – then it’s lathered up for one good last shampooing.  Then he’s beautifully combed out, til it’s draped over the cape and down his back.  Then a skilled pair of razor sharp scissors do the damage and cut off years worth of hair.  He’s given a proper and fitting looking haircut, going from looking like a heavy metal beer-swiller to a handsome young man.  You’ll delight in the transformation!  The #1 longest hair cut in the series!  If you liked “No Love Lost” then you’re sure to like this movie!

Running Time: 22 Minutes

File Size: 625 Mb