The Resurgence of Flattop

Let’s see here..

Barbershop setting? Check!

Cute redhead guy in leather and gear? Check!

Handsome, talented barber? Check!


This was a special after hours haircut caught on video, starting out with a sensual hair washing over the shampoo sink.  Then he’s pulled into the hair, clear caped and has his beautiful hair played with all which ways.   It’s so nice to see a barber who knows what he’s doing as he buzzes down and shapes his hair into a very hot looking flattop.   He’s got the right hair and the right look to wear it well.  He takes on quite a striking image at the end of this, making him look even better in his boots and leather jacket.  For fans of classic flattops, guys in leather, guys in lather, barber shop scenes and great heads of (red)  hair.  This exciting haircut captures everything wonderful about male hair and movies about hair cutting. Not to be missed!  This is the movie everyone will be talking about this summer!

Running Time: 25 Minutes