Special Treatment

Episode 26

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Episode 26

This lucky young man finds himself at the barber shop right after closing. He’s the last one in the shop and the last cut of the day for the barber. He can finally get the barber experience of his dreams, a tight haircut that he’s been craving for weeks. At the mercy of the barber, who’ll shave him down with a firm hand, and be in total control until his haircut is through. For every taste in mens hair, a close encounter shampooing, buzzing with clippers, sensual hair brushing, and a hot lather straight razor shave – right down to the skin. You just can’t find this level of service and treatment during business hours. An exciting feature, hardly any dialog, intense visual stimulation, and a the major transformation at the end – you know it’s all about the haircut. File Size: 1.2 Gb Running Time: 16 Min

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