Scissors & Clippers

You seriously won’t believe how handsome and good looking this guy is once he gets a haircut.  Seems to be a lot of otherwise cute guys neglect their hair, wear hats all day, or simply don’t care enough to have a proper haircut.  All this changes in this exciting episode of Haircut Cinema with “Scissors & Clippers”   This guy admits to neglecting his hair, not ever really having an actual haircut.  In the mode of punk rock, he grows it out, in this case with a scraggly rat-tail in the back.  His hair at first glance is kind of dingy, so he obliges us with an over-the-sink shampoo.  Once seated,  using a sharp pair of scissors, the barber goes snip! snip! snip! and you can hear the wet hair hit the cape.  This guy goes from “ho-hum” to “damn!” – showing just what a good haircut can do for a guy.  This movie has expert cutting. lots of scissor action, detailed clipper work – and you  see an absolutely stunning young man emerge at the end of it all.  A moderate pace haircut, visually dramatic, plenty of hair falling and the extra attention that makes a  good haircut a great haircut.   Next time you’re in the barber chair, ask for this kind of cut!