Barber Zach Is Back

Barber Zach needs little introduction.  He was kind enough to allow the filming of one of his private, natural, hair cutting sessions. Things start out with a solo over-the-sink shampoo scene in the kitchen.  Once Barber Zach enters the picture, his boy’s hair is lovingly combed and played with, happy to be reunited with this special head of hair.  Barber Zach always takes his time when it comes to hair cuts, and he starts off not really sure what kind of mood he’s in.  So he takes up the scissors and snips away at whim.  Seeing this handsome young man under a clear plastic home made barber cape stirs up the inspiration.  He’s given a very tight and fitting boxer cut that drastically transforms him.  Barber Zach’s firm and loving grip mixed with the extravagant display of male beauty makes this a haircut you’ll want to watch over and over again.


Running Time: 27 Minutes

File Size: 635 Mb