Haircut Punks

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In a warehouse, on the South Side of Chicago – a cute punk rocker is waiting anxiously for his monthly haircut  session.  Knowing full well what’s most likely going to happen, he sits patiently, growing more and more anxious. This is the kind of treatment he needs, feeling subjected to the clippers – as they gently buzz over the crown of his head. A sensation he dreams about, pines for, satisfying something so uniquely central to his desires.  Totally blissed out, he’s never felt better  ever before.  Knowing the rule of look, but not touch – he relishes the skin on skin contact – wishing for deeper ways to express his humility.  The cutter takes their time, getting every last stray hair on his head buzzed down. This movie is pure haircut cinema – from start to finish – capturing all the dynamics of pleasure in hair cutting.

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Running Time: 24 Min

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