Antifascist Forever

The local group of antifascists need one more to join their crew.  They find a wild and reckless young man in they alley behind their clubhouse.  They take him by force, over power him and drag him inside.    Not given much of a choice, he’s told he is joining their nazi-fighting gang.  He tries to struggle away, but he’s out numbered.  Never having his head shaved before, he goes into a panic over the thought.  They’re very rough with him, maybe a little bit cruel – but it’s all just part of the initiation.  These two guys aren’t satisfied until he’s shaved down to the skin, with a 000 guard, to show his new found loyalty to the Anti Fascists.   Once it’s all over, he’s welcome into the group – given his own bomber jacket – and will be a valuable asset to combating any racist scum that tries to move in on the neighborhood.   Running Time: 16 Min / 936 Mb

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