I have wanted to make movies for as long as I can remember.  I feel quite happy and grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for both cinema and for haircutting.  Each movie/episode represents a specific cinematic or artistic idea or vision.  It feels wonderful to turn an idea into a cinematic reality, and to push what I can do with my experience with production.  I hope for one day that movies about hair cuts can stand on their own as a unique and separate genre of cinema all together.  These are not niche films to be consumed like every-day moving images, but savored and watched over and over again – to experience on an individual and deeply personal level.  I feel proud that the movies I create inspire both passion and reaction in the atmosphere they each try to create.   A cult following can emerge from this underground diy-style of cinema, as the Internet links up fans of the genre..  An honor for me to showcase my work – to show off what’s inside my head, and every which way someone can artistically express themselves through the fantastic medium of hair cutting.  Thank you so much and enjoy the movies.   Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments or critique.



Due to — well, a lot of things – I can’t put those nice and easy DVD Purchase buttons on the website anymore.  So if you still want a disc mailed to you the old fashioned way – please get in touch.  Simply send an email to orders@haircutcinema.com with the episode you would like (and any other important information, like where to mail your disc) and I will put it in the mail the very next day.  (Unless that day happens to be Sunday).