Fresh New Do

You probably remember this handsome fellow, Trevor  from a few other Haircut Cinema movies. He has thick, straight, healthy dirty blonde hair.  He just got a new job at a fancy downtown French restaurant, and he wanted to upgrade his image to help pull in big tips.  He came to us saying “I know I’ve been buzzed down in the past, and really loved the experience , but this time I need a fresh new ‘do”   So the expert barber, eager to have this beautiful head of hair all to himself – crafted out a proper men’s haircut – that defies definition but keeps to classic masculine tradition.  After some loving hair play, a new look is formed.  A variety of clipper cutting and scissors  give to a gorgeous transformation.  “I like looking like a punk…” he says “…but this place is high class.”  This is a unhurried haircut, with careful attention to detail, where you’ll see the difference between a good haircut and a great haircut.

Full Run Time:  34 Minutes