Haircuts Are Exciting

This is a special kind of movie – starring two favorites from Haircut Cinema.  I wanted to make a more meta movie meaning a haircut movie about making a haircut movie – and all that can go into it…  Once they meet up on the roof-deck, the shaggy handsome boy is already caped up and ready to meet his barber.  A gentle and sudsy shampoo out in the open air cleans his thick, healthy brown hair for one last time before the big moment.  Not being in any great rush, they retreat to a porch swing and talk about haircuts and haircut movies – all while the barber plays with his shiny clean hair.  He wants to do a movie that was just like last years  “Head Down” – on his knees in the garage.  Part reboot, part reenactment,  but defiantly lots and lots of hair being cut.  The haircut starts with scissors, and then is shaped out into a tough clipper cut that fits him well.  Both of them really enjoy each other, and it shows in their playful on-screen chemistry.  If you enjoyed Head Down, you’ll really enjoy this feature!

Full Running Time: 26 Minutes