She’s The Boss 2: A Queer Haircut

Danny really wanted to meet either Betty The Boss or Barber Zach.  His two favorites.  Zach was still on tour, and Betty (She’s The Boss) was happy to take up the role and meet a fan.  Through the magic of cinema, a suprise visit to the haircut garage was arranged.  They both took an on-screen shine to each other, quickly warming up.  She takes her time playing with the  hair, enjoying the feel of it, running her fingers through it.  The build up sure is exciting to watch!  He gets a shiny red  barber cape before his shampoo session.  After all, clean hair is more fun to cut then dirty hair!  Betty The Boss knows what she’s doing, checking in that he’s comfortable and as into it as she is.  Out come the scissors and the first order of business is to chop off the unbecomming “rat tail” he admits to growing out.  The clippers then do their work, buzzing, shaping and transforming him. Watch the hair fall and pile up on the cape in his lap!  A nice mix of graphic close ups and wide full-scene shot – keeps things stimulating for the senses.  If you enjoyed seeing Betty The Boss cut a cute girls hair, then you will really love her shaving down a cute boy’s hair!  This movie is loving and welcoming, presented in a fun and playful way.  It’s the feel good haircut movie of the year! She’s The Boss 2: A Queer Haircut


Full Run Time: 37 Min