Attack of the Haircut Nerds!

From the video vault of Haircut Cinema!  This never-before-seen screen test footage from some of hair cutting cinema up and coming young talent!  Jorge has been working hard at school this semester, and is happy to come home to spend time with an old friend – who recently dropped out of the local Junior College.  Jorge gave up and grew out of his drunk punk youth as he became more serious with school.  His friend isn’t to happy about his selling out and embarrassingly grown out haircut.  “Jorge I remember we used to dye our hair green and have mohaws!” he chides him.  He’s not given much of a choice as he’s lathered up for a surprise shampoo and hair cut!  This is a charming movie from the early days of Haircut Cinema.  Jorge’s thick and shiny jet black hair gets buzzed into the wild punk haircut of his youth before a closer cut is decided for him!

File Size: 1.o Gb

Running Time: 17 Min

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