Haircuts Used As


Haircut Cinema  is proud to present a new series, featuring the hottest and take-chargiest barberettes  in the Midwest.  Women welding the clippers!  Looks like our lovable loser is late again in coming home to his girlfriend. She gave him such a simple instruction,  to “go get a haircut right after work” you’d think he could follow through.  Fed up with his total defiance for Her orders, She takes things into Her own hands, reminding this poor guy who’s really in control!   After some much needed attitude adjustment in the kitchen, he’s brought into the bathroom, roughly shoved against the mirror and told exactly what’s to happen for putting off his haircut.  Held down with his head in the tub, She takes out Her frustration with the clippers on his head.  Buzzing him down nearly bald – as he whimpers underneath Her, through a ball-gag. After he’s done for, it’s time to get back to that list of Her back breaking chores that never seems to end.  Scrubbing the floors, servicing Her feet – are just some of the domestic privileges afforded to this lowly man.  Not to be missed! File Size: 1.08 Gb Running Time: 19.5 Minutes

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