Impressed By Haircuts

It’s no good when even your boss is on your case about your hair.  Stressing the importance of impressing the client with a presentable on-the-job look, this handsome young man is pressured into getting a haircut.   Right there, right now after everyone else has gone home for the day.  It comes down to doing what the boss wants, and not wanting to risk your job over trying to grow your hair out.  All there is to use is a black contractor trash bag, and the home hair cutting kit the boss has handy.  Watch this movie to see this hot stud go from nearly fired to glad you were hired!  Guys this good looking only come around so often to the world of Haircut Cinema.   Recommended if you like seeing a detailed, highly skilled haircut with lots of wet hair play.


Running Time: 18.5 Minutes

File Size: 506 Mb