Cape Fetish

This cute punk rocker, no stranger to the exciting world of haircut cinema  – models a collection of various barber capes before his haircut.  The conversation flows organically, about music, drinking, girls, etc – as his hair is gently combed out and buzzed down.  Shiny colored capes, black shampoo capes and fun animal print capes – make this a memorable feature for those discerning gentlemen into barber capes.  More barber, less bondage – a simple, diy home haircut that ends up looking way better then anticipated.  The  amateur barber must have watched several haircut movies to learn how to do this cut!  Recommend for fans of Episodes  #7, #12, #17, #20. (Because the model is so damn !#$@ hot!_Running Time: 27 Min / 1.5 Gb

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