It Grows Back

This lovely  young fellow clearly has some very long hair.  In his own words, he describes the how and why he is sitting in front of a camera for Haircut Cinema!  Under all that hair are bright eyes and a light smile.  The haircut begins with scissors, cutting away most of the bulk.  The hand of the barber hastily cuts, paying no attention to grace.  Just get the hair onto the cape!  It quickly gathers up nicely in his lap.  The hair is worked through a second round with clippers, shaping out a few unique looks on this emerging, delicate beauty.  A wide variety of clippers are used , along with various techniques.  The blades keep getting shorter and shorter, as his hair is gently buzzed down to a tight, appropriate fit.  You’ll quickly forget this guy had hair down his back when you see the transformation into a man with a short haircut.


Running Time: 38 Min