Up Close And Personal

Haircut Cinema is proud to present a very exciting new movie about haircuts.  After his first appearance in “By Your Order, i am Your  Haircut slave”    our handsome haircut models couldn’t wait for his hair to grow back for another experience.  I find it very gratifying when someone who does a movie lets me know just how much they enjoyed themselves.   Always looking for a new thrill, a new boundary to push.   His long straight shiny brown hair is wet down , combed, played with, pulled and tugged at.  Lots of up extreme closeups of the clippers buzzing his hair down.  Lots of very exciting angles and vantage points  create a powerful and exciting experience for the viewer.  Put yourself in the role of the barber or the model!    Everyone is happy and has a good time in this movie.   What it’s all about after all, is the haircut.

$18.99 Instant Download