By Your Order, i am Your Haircut slave

As you can see from how long this boy’s hair is – this has been a long time coming.  He’s been seeing a Professional for  his submissive needs  and knows the time has come for him to sacrifice his hair.  The growing tension just heightens the arousal.

After having his hair played with (for the last time), he’s lifted into the barber chair and held in place – so he can’t touch himself during the haircut.  Our barber here, takes her time – pouring over this beautiful head of hair. taking her attention.   Thick, straight, dark brown hair – destined for the barber shop floor.

His hair is taken down in several stages, until it’s mostly sitting in his lap – looking like a massive ejaculation of hair.  She gives him a proper slave-boy haircut, and you see him alternating between  nervous and submissive bliss as his transformation becomes complete.  His vanity is entirely in her hands.  This is the most explicit and graphic haircut ever in the Hair Cut Cinema Genre!  “By Your Order, i am Your haircut slave…” Not to be missed.

Running Time: 23 Min

File Size: 1.3 Gb

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