Barber Zach Is Back: Part II

Barber Zach called me up a few weeks ago and said “I want to direct my own haircut movie, can I?” I didn’t have to think very long before I told him “Yes, you could!”   He told me that he had some friends who would be a perfect fit, and if I trusted his judgement enough to go ahead and cast them.  This entire movie, Barber Zach Is Back Part II is entirely Barber Zach’s idea.  He wanted to make a role for himself where he gets to  audition cute, shaggy guys.   So he sits his two friends down, conduct his own job interview, and then try them out for the role of “shaggy guy”.   The end result from all this, is a thirty six minute movie – featuring two complete haircuts on two incredibly good looking guys.  They both get the full treatment to a shampooing, a warm rise, some loving combing, hair play.  Finally Zach dons a pair of scissors to hack away at all that over-hang before the clippers come out. Both guys have a positive attitude, a fun look, and overall – really want to get hired at Haircut Cinema!

Also included in this bundle is a bonus movie, featuring a nice looking guy getting his head buzzed down to 000 by Haircut Cinema’s very own Ryan Riot – and then he takes the clippers to his own massive beard and brings it down quite a bit.   A mostly quiet exchange, in which you always remember how it’s best to have a friend shave your head then try to do it oneself.

Both movies have a full running time of 49 minutes total.  Three haircuts, two barbers, one incredible movie!  If you’ve enjoyed Barber Zach before, then you will enjoy this feature as well!  The bonus movie is not available on it’s own!

Full Running Time: 49 Minutes