The CTA Stalker

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There has been a spike in abductions on the public transit-ways in recent weeks.  Shaggy young men are being watched, tracked, stalked and snatched up in all corners of the city. In the seedier parts of town, where life is fast and cheap, a masked man known as The CTA Stalker – boards the train to follow home the guy he has been monitoring for weeks.  Today is the day he strikes. He has absolutely no idea someone has been sinisterly stalking him.  Waiting for the perfect moment of vulnerability to catch him off guard – wrap his hand over his mouth and make him… vanish!  This “two fisted tale” will have you squirming in your seats!  See the movie everyone will soon be talking about!  Running time, an  exiting 25 minutes! Stalking! Kidnapping! Hypnosis! Two scared boys and  their hair being taken from them, mowed down by The CTA Stalker! See the movie that everyone is talking about!

File Size: 1.8 Gb

Running Time: 25 Min

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