She’s The Boss: A Lesbian Haircut

Finally! A haircut movie worthy of Sappho!  These two girls met, by chance, at the park one quiet late summer evening.  Quickly allured to her shaggy dark brown hair and extremely cute demeanor – they end up hand in hand walking home.  A few stolen kisses here and there, lots of exciting hair play, in the anticipation of the haircut that’s bound to happen.   Once home, she’s caped up and shampooed quite lovingly, and has her hair slicked back, up and down one last time before the clippers come out.  Once they’re comfortable, the hair comes off slowly at first, til more and more is falling in rapid succession into her lap.  She doesn’t stop buzzing til it’s all gone and she looks like a really cute army recruit.   Watch the clippers mow back and forth, savoring just how amazing this pair looks on screen.  The sparks and chemistry fly with these two!  Highly recommended if you savor beautiful women, girl love, and most of all piles and piles of hair being buzzed off!  Not to be missed!


Full Running Time: 30 minutes! (Hair Play, Shampoo, Coming, Cutting, Shaving)