Haircut Cinema: Starter Pack

Haircut Cinema: The Starter Pack.  This is another compilation movie, featuring a total of six men’s haircuts.  The first haircut was arranged by a long-distance Dominant, who wanted his sub to have a no-choice haircut.   Put in a harness and clear-caped up, the barber was  given the orders, how it should be cut, how he should be treated, and of course a rough shampoo before and after the cut.  When someone else far away is in control of your haircut, this is the kind of thing that can happen.   This guy ends up looking good, like he’s ready to serve.   The other five haircuts are from a Bondage Barber: Live! event that took place a few weekends ago.  There’s some buzzcuts, some military looks, some punk styles – and of course, plenty of handsome men to admire.  A full array of exciting cuts!


Full Running Time: 48 minutes