The Haircut Hitman

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An anonymous phone call is made, from a harsh sounding man with a coarse, gravely voice.  He is trying to get in touch with his friend Ernie. Ernie hasn’t been  doing his best lately, dodging his friends and co-workers to wander the  alleys alone. Unknown to Ernie, the gears of fate are already moving  along! A masked man, known in the seedy underground as “The Haircut  Hitman”, has already been paid in full for his services. He stalks, then kidnaps him – and and then drives far, far away. Ernie is bound tightly and gagged, and is given what has been coming to him. Never revealing  his identity, the Haircut Hitman preforms his namesake with the speed  and accuracy of a trained professional. Ernie is left bound, to slowly  accept his shaved head as a public indicator that he has been had! Running Time: 13 Min / 729Mb

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