Famous Chair

There is only one chair in this context that we can call a “Famous Chair” – and that of course is the barber chair.  So comfortable and natural to sit in it, getting strapped in for your haircut so you feel nice, secure and safe… Well worn in leather seat and back, reminding you of the time and years gone by  – how many guys have had a seat in it, be it for a trim, a totally new style, or in this case, being shaved bald down to the skin!

Barber Zach joins us again, as he’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine and of the audience-at-large, always wanting to see more of him, if you catch my drift.  With barely a flick of the wrist, his subject is stripped down,put on his knees,  and shampooed.  Then he’s tossed into the Famous Chair, tied in, and the clippers click on.   He makes it look so natural, like it was something he’s been doing all his life.

His hair is taken care of, beard is shaved off, and then heavily lathered up to get that smooth look only a razor can provide.  He cleans him off and his head is shiny and smooth, just the way Barber Zach prefers it…  You’ll find yourself asking why your every day barber can’t be more like Zach, with all the attention to detail and with  his firm, loving grip.  Exciting from start to finish!

Running Time: 28 Minutes

File Size: 1.7 Gb