Hair B&B (A Movie By Barber Zach)

Barber Zach seems to want to get into directing haircut movies!  Always a pleasure to have him on screen, working the clippers and calling the shots.  Barber Zach stopped by with his ultra shaggy friend in need of a haircut.  Never wanting to settle for the same ‘ol thing, he opts for a more creative haircut – or as he puts it “see what comes out of it” – Wouldn’t you love to put your hair under his control to let him do whatever he thinks looks good on you?

In this movie, Barber Zach starts by showing off some of his favorite shiny barber capes.  He then settles on a opaque off-white one for a loving shampoo while his friend sits in the chair.  Once clean and rinsed out fully, Barber Zach combs and plays with the hair while trying to decide just what kind of haircut he feels like giving.  He starts with scissors, then moves on to clippers, then decides just how short this haircut is going to get.  This is not your “usual” head shaving movie, as Barber Zach states.  This is a beautiful transformation, a super cute haircut, and an natural  chemistry that leaps off the screen.  If you’re a fan of Barber Zach, or want to see a haircut that’s a little different don’t miss this exciting movie!

Full Run Time: 31 min