Sometimes You Get Attached

There’s no use in feeling attached to your hair when you’re making movies for Haircut Cinema!  Chago really wanted a haircut from Brenden, but didn’t want to go “all the way” or “too short”  — so Brenden promised him that things wouldn’t go too far, or too short and to just relax and enjoy the experience.  They both wash their hair, for our viewing pleasure – before the deed is done.  Chago has beautiful dark brown hair, that looks so shiny and nice when it’s clean and combed.  You’ll get a big kick out of seeing it slicked back, slicked forward, and how lovingly Brenden plays with the beautiful head of hair before him.  Brenden takes his sweet time, savoring the opportunities that haircut play allows him.  He starts to give him a bowl cut – the kind that were popular in the 1990s, but then changes his mind and decided to go even shorter for a really tight military cut, which both looks cute and tough at the same time!  Great interaction between two good friends who love having a good time with each other.  Start the new year out with a fun haircut movie to inspire your next trip to the barber shop!

Full Running Time: 26 minutes