The Benevelont Barber

Most people find door to door solicitors a pest, an annoyance – woven into the fabric of city life. After his morning shampoo and shower,  Barber Zach gets a knock at the door from a handsome young man, who on first glance, one becomes captivated by his long hair.   Like many door to door interactions, it’s to raise awareness or more often, funds – for any local community need.  This young man is collecting on behalf of “Haircuts for Orphans” – to bring awareness to shaggy boys in need of haircuts.  As soon as Barber Zach hears it, he says “Haircuts? I love haircuts.. Come on in….”  Just like in the movies!

This complete transformation haircut, shot in a recently gutted basement – takes its time with all this hair to work with.  It is wet and combed out – played with – and combed yet again.  It starts with a scissor cut, drastically taking several inches off – in what took years to grow, is disposed of in a few moments.  Barber Zach takes his time, and experiments with a few different styles – as this cute boy’s face becomes unveiled from underneath all that hair.  The techniques alternate, until there’s hardly anything left but bristle and an exposed neck.   You might overhear him say “…I feel free…” from all the hair finally resting in his lap.  Clippers, scissors, comb and a kind, benevolent barber make this a memorable feature.

Full Running Time: 30 Minutes