Amateur Hour – A First Time Haircut

“Clippr” is a great way to find other guys into hair.  For this haircut enthusiast , it’s an occasional source of frustration, of guys
who just want to chat and never meet up.  Here we have a beautiful spring day (“Perfect for getting a haircut…”) and a seemingly
rare chance to meet up with a cute.. no… a hot guy for a cut.   Once he arrives and the ice is broken a bit – they can start.  It starts
off with a simple casual shampoo job in the kitchen.   The exciting twist at the end, our handsome “barber” – who just downloaded Clippr
that day, makes the serious confession that he has never actually cut another guys hair before.  If you are into some major amateur
home hair cutting, then is movie is for you.  He talks him through it, helps him relax, until the hair really starts coming off in
heaps.  Two good looking guys sharing something semi private like a haircut, somewhat intimate… lovingly captured on video.
There’s nothing professional about this haircut, just two boys doing what they ultimately desire.  Thanks to that wonderful fictional
smartphone app, Clippr.  Full movie includes shampoo, hair play/pulling, scissor cutting, clipper cutting, head rubbing.

Running Time: Just under 30 minutes