Tinder Babes Like The Short Hair

“Stood up!” Scotty  says, and you can tell by his voice – this isn’t the first time.   He meets up with a good friend, Ryan  to lament the woes of yet another dateless night.  “What do you think it could be?” he asks, cracking into the first of many tallboys…  Not to spare any feelings… he quickly says “It’s your hair… girls on Tinder are into short hair…”   Underneath all the punk rock and grind-core, is a sweet and sensitive handsome young man looking for love (in all the wrong places!).  Ryan convinces him that short hair is the way to go….

Ryan claims to know how to cut hair – but when faced with Scotty’s unkempt, overgrown massive red mop… he really just goes on instinct.  Taking some large scissors – he hacks away.  Until he can get a pair of clippers through it, he tugs and wrestles with his hair.   He’s buzzed down nice and short, looking way more approachable.    Here’s to hoping he finds love, or at least gets laid!  Tinder babes….like the short hair!


Running Time: 20 Minutes