Bathtub Buzzcut Boys

These two boys are playing cards on a hot summer day.  The winner gets to shave the others head, but wait – oh! It’s a tie game!  It’s summer and 90 degrees out, and they both want to feel the relief of an ultra short summer haircut.  They both get into the bathtub, decide to have some shampoo fun – mutually washing each other like the good friends they are.   They’re in the tub, mutually washing, mutually playing with each others hair.  Once things are nice and clean and combed out, they take turns buzzing each others hair.  They trade off, bit by bit, taking their time, having fun with the experience of buzzing down their hair.  Black hair on one and a bleach blonde job on the other.   They both end up with the same haircut, but each looking radically different.   This movie is a lot of fun, very playful mutual haircut between two friends.

Running Time: 20 Minutes