Another Yuppie Prick

Haircut Cinema  is proud to present a new series, featuring the hottest and sexiest female barbers in the Midwest.  Take charge women, welding the clippers!  Just another yuppie prick in the barber shop for a trim.  As soon as he gets a glimpse of the sexy barberette, he instantly gets nervous about his haircut.  “That whole ‘thing’ he has about haircuts, just try to forget about it” he tries to tell himself.  We get inside the barberettes head and find out just what she really thinks about these corporate douche-bags that come in and gawk at her all day.  Once it’s his turn and he’s in the chair, he’s realizes he was nervous for a reason!   What it feels like when a woman is in control of your hair!

File Size: 1.0 Gb

Running Time: 18 Minutes

$15.99 Instant Download