Barber Zach’s Boys

Barber Zach only wants to hang out with boys who look tough.  So it’s initiation time!  He takes this shaggy but  otherwise very handsome young man in for a fresh cut.   It starts off with a nice shampoo at the sink, because any fan of Barber Zach can tell you he prefers to play with clean hair.  Seated in the barber chair, wearing a shiny blue cape – the haircut begins.  Barber Zach starts off hacking handfuls of hair with a pair of scissors.   Showing him the progress, he faces the young man away from the mirror and takes out the clippers.   After getting everything nice and short, but not quite tough enough,  Barber Zach drops the guard off the blade.   He shaves a rugged looking mohawk to give him a real hard edge.   Almost there, Barber Zach cleans his face to complete the look.  A feast for the senses!  For fans of harsh haircuts, crude haircuts, mohawks, barber shop scenes.

Full Running Time: 24 Minutes