How To Get A Cute Haircut

We take a good looking guy (who admits to growing his hair out specifically for Haircut Cinema) – and put him in a highly unorthodox barber’s chair – the sling he had conveniently set up in the garage.   After a loving shampoo, to make sure his hair is nice and clean for the barber – he gets a drastic transformation, while comfortably rocking in the sling.   The haircut starts off with scissors, cutting off big chunks of hair.  As the hair falls to the floor, and starts to cover his shoulders and chest, you can only wonder where the barber is going with this original creation.  He gets the clipper treatment, shaving and shaping into a unique haircut that can not be named.  You think to yourself  “Wow that does look like a cute haircut!” as more and more gets cut.  A full variety of barbering techniques are expertly executed to bring about the end result.  This fun movie takes its time, allowing the viewer to fully enjoy each stage of the haircut.  You won’t want to rush this movie-going experience.  The first movie of 2017!


RUN TIME: 40 Min