Kitchen Cuts (Home Haircut Series)

Everyone has at some point, gotten a haircut from a buddy in the kitchen. That one friend who said they know how to cut hair – and would always talk you into getting a cut. Using just a trash bag instead of a barber cape. There is something so special about the kitchen trash bag haircut. The intimacy of a home haircut, playing around with your cute friends hair. This movie starts out with some dry hair play, showing off the texture and length. He gets a black trash bag, and an over the sink shampoo and rinse. His hair is slicked, combed, styled and you can see how thick and shiny it is. The barber gets to play with it some more before snipping off large sections of hair from all over. You can hear the wet hair hitting the trash bag as it gathers up. This being a “Barbers Choice” haircut, you slowly see things take shape. A combination of scissor cutting an clipper work yield a cute, short hair cut that can not be named. Lots of close ups, wide shots, showing off the full texture of this handsome man’s head of hair. Towards the end, his beard is cleaned up to match his sharp new haircut – and he savors how much he likes his new look.

Following this haircut is a bonus second mohawk/buzz-cut! Another trash bag and kitchen scenario.



Full Run Time: 38 minutes (both haircuts)